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This is the section of the website that we are most proud of.  The comments below were written by a few of our clients in their own words.  It’s a reminder of how you can take a bad situation, even a tragedy, and help people put their lives back together.  It’s also a reminder of what an honor and blessing it is to represent people and families in their time of need.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“To all the wonderful people at The Garriga Law Firm,

All the people at The Garriga Law Firm were professional and very understanding with our case. They were there for us. They got us more than we thought possible and we got closure.

Mr. Garriga was very understanding and very thorough. Sally Garcia was there all the time and answered all our questions.  If you need help, The Garriga Law firm is the place to call!

Our Thanks,
Tracy and Lance Drummond”

“Best choice I made in my life was picking The Garriga Law Firm to handle my case. This case went on for a very long time. I don’t know if there are many attorneys that would stick by you that long. His staff is very professional. They always kept me updated on what I needed to do and if I had any questions. Mr. Garriga is a great attorney and man and was always easy to talk to and he always explained everything that was going on during the case. Thank you to the Garriga Law Firm for everything that you did for me and sticking by me.”

“The Garriga Law Firm was great! They helped me with my problems. If I got into an accident again, I would go back to The Garriga Law Firm.”

“I liked everything about the way The Garriga Law Firm handled my case. They took care of me and always advised me about what was going on in my case. They were concerned about my physical condition and made sure that I got the medical attention I needed. It was good to know The Garriga Law Firm was behind me.

I’ve never had a lawyer like Mr. Garriga who cared so much and did what was good for me the client and no one else. Mr. Garriga and his staff kept me updated on my case and my questions were answered in a way that I could understand. They always made sure that I understood everything.

If I had another problem, I would definitely go back to The Garriga Law Firm.”

“I would like to thank you and all of your staff for your hard work on my case. Every time we met, you kept me informed of my case and what our options were. You and your staff were the most professional group I have ever had the privilege to deal with. I would like you to know that I will recommend your office and your services to everyone I know.

I would like to say once again, thank you for everything you did in my case. I feel I would not have had such a good outcome without your service.”

“Dear Estela,

Just a quick note to tell you and Mr. Garriga thank you so much for all your help. Your caring, understanding and efficiency has made a horrible situation bearable. Being in a different state the way you handled everything and kept me apprised of every situation was amazing. The outcome you received for me was more than I expected. I hold you and The Garriga Law Firm in the highest regards. Thank you again so much. Take care.

Pam and Steve Schiller”

“Mr. Garriga and his staff took the time and dedication to resolve my case. We want to thank them for always being there for me and my family from the beginning to the end and for the patience and loyalty they gave us through the case. Everything they did was done very professionally and our case was a total success!! Me and my family thank God for putting the right lawyer in our lives to help us with my cause!! Thank you so much and we truthfully recommend The Garriga Law Firm!”

“Making the decision to hire an attorney was not something we did lightly.  My husband's injury uprooted all of our financial stability and emotional peace of mind.  Deciding on The Garriga Law Firm was the best decision we could've made.  They never treated us as just "another case" or as an irritant with the many calls or questions we had.  They walked us through every step and were extremely informative.  They were always very friendly, understanding, and compassionate.  They almost always knew what would come next in my husband's medical care even before doctors would tell us.  Even that preparation from them helped us get through the next treatment and the next surgery.

From the very beginning Mr. Garriga and Imelda kept us well informed and realistic about what was next and what to expect.  They never brushed us off as inconsequential.  I can't really say enough about how great the law firm and all of the people there are and how much they helped us and how much it means to our family.   Because of them we're able to begin a new chapter in our lives and have regained that peace of mind we thought absolutely lost to us.  Because of them we're able to finally begin planning our future again.

And there is no difference in how they treat you from one case to another.  We chose this firm not once, but twice.  For my husband's oilfield injury and for my injury from a crash caused by a drunk driver.  Both times we've not been disappointed.   This firm really does care about you and will fight for YOU.  You can't do better than that."

“On Memorial Day, a distracted driver pulled out onto a highway and in an instant, every aspect of my life and that of my wife’s changed forever.

I woke up after being life flighted in a trauma center in Ft. Worth, Texas. Fortunately, my sister-in-law knew Mr. Garriga and knew we would need representation. He immediately went to work to relieve my wife of any additional burdens. Because of the nature of my injuries (multiple surgeries, therapy, pain management, etc.) it has taken almost five years for this to be resolved.

I’ve never known anyone in any profession that works as hard as Mr. Garriga for the benefit of his “customers”. During this time, Mr. Garriga has become like family, not just because he is a good attorney but because he is a good man. A special thanks also to Imelda and the entire staff for all you have done. God Bless you all.”

“Working with The Garriga Law Firm was a great experience! It took us a long hard fight, but we did it!! Would recommend them with any legal battles to fight for you!!”

“From the moment we met Mr. Garriga, it was plainly evident that he cared for our well being and that of our children. The staff and Jose himself were accommodating of our needs, with respect to our injuries, and never pushed for us to do any more than we felt able. We were always at ease around his staff and him.

The complexity of and number of parties involved in our case was enough to confuse all of us. But, Mr. Garriga and his staff were thorough and detailed in their explanations in all aspects of our case. The attention to detail, and calculated approach that was taken in regards to our case, was most certainly the reason for the favorable outcome that was reached.

Patience is one of Jose's greatest virtues, as an attorney. His ability to see an end game rather than quick dollar signs is what set him apart for us. We will never be able to thank Jose, Imelda, Sally, Estella, and all the rest of the wonderful people enough for their hard work and diligence throughout.

“I am very thankful for the really good job The Garriga Law Firm did on my case. I could not have recovered what I did without the help of The Garriga Law Firm. Thanks to Mr. Garriga and the staff for helping me and my family through this bad time in our lives. I would recommend Mr. Garriga to anyone. He is a very nice person and did an excellent job.”

“The Garriga Law Firm is not only professional but also very caring and honest. They will do everything they can to get you the best possible outcome. Here, you're people not profit! I would highly recommend them to everyone.”

“My experience with The Garriga Law Firm has been wonderful. Mr. Garriga himself is a great lawyer. Very knowledgeable and helpful in any way possible. He and his staff have been with me every step of the way through this lawsuit. I can’t express how much I appreciate this law firm. Made my lawsuit a very smooth experience. I would definitely recommend Mr. Garriga and his staff.”

“The Garriga Law Firm was very professional in the way they worked on my case. All the legal assistants were very thorough and always kept me informed on what was happening on my case. Everyone knew what they were doing and kept good communications with me. Mr. Garriga was very detailed and competent and explained things well. I was impressed that Mr. Garriga knew exactly what was going on in my case and remembered every detail. I would recommend The Garriga Law Firm to anyone.”

“Thank ya’ll so much for everything ya’ll have done for us!!  We appreciate ya’ll and will never forget how good ya’ll were to us!!”

“José Luis Garriga and his team of professionals were invaluable in helping us through the most difficult fight in our life.  Our parents were involved in a car accident.  Our father suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury, we were devastated.  We were dealing with doctors, enormous medical bills and the overwhelming emotions involved in knowing that he would never be the person he once was.”

“The accident changed our life.  The journey was not easy and at times we felt there was no end in sight.  However, we never felt alone in this fight.  The case was very difficult, yet Mr. Garriga believed in the case as much as we did and for that my family and I forever will be grateful.”

“We are very satisfied with the outcome of the case, and now that we know that our dad will be cared for financially, we can focus on spending more time together and making his life as pleasant as possible.”


Mendez Family


The Garriga Law Firm serves individuals and families throughout Texas and New Mexico in many different types of personal injury and wrongful death cases involving:

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  • Industrial accidents
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At The Garriga Law Firm, we have a simple philosophy:

  • Develop trusting relationships with the people we represent and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Be compassionate towards each client and help them through this difficult time in their lives.
  • Fight aggressively for each client and obtain the justice they rightfully deserve.

Our focus is you and your best interests. We provide personal attention to each individual we represent. Our motto, “Justice is for those willing to fight,” demonstrates our commitment to pursuing your case to trial or appeal, if necessary, to obtain the justice you rightfully deserve.


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